Curator Comments

Land of Images is a curated photo-gallery, which just means that someone selects the images for this site.  For now that person is me, Leo Loebs, but I want the position of curator to rotate, because the images we show should reflect a variety of tastes.

While selecting these images my single most important criteria was their artistic appeal.  This is a nebulous notion and not something I want to discuss here, but it was the primary criteria as these images were selected.  If you’re curious, I’ve written about my take on image aesthetics in the Articles section.

As these images were select there were other things to considered – like would the subject matter be something people would hang on their walls.  For this I made wide allowances because this site caters to photographers, and someone who has been looking at the world with a photographer’s eye might be interested in a broad range of images.  For example, black and white street photography might not seem like a good choice for wall decoration, but there are a lot of photographers who see the beauty in that kind of image and would love to hang a good example on their walls.

Many more artists and images need to be added to this site, and that will be a top priority in the coming months.  Your suggestions and recommendations are welcome.  In terms of content, a fine example of what I hope this site will become is – if you don’t already know about it, I recommend it to you.

If you have questions or comments you want to address to me, I encourage you to use the Questions and Comments section below.  I hope you enjoy your visit at Land of Images!